Blog - Monday 4th July 2022

Group Training Offer £9.99 per month

Group Training Sessions Gosforth Bie Fit

A gym like no other on your doorstep. Take advantage of expert coaching from Strength and Conditioning Coaches based in Gosforth & now offering group training.

First month welcome offer £9.99. Our group fitness training sessions allow you to enjoy a mix of strength, conditioning, and movement training every week. Preview here

Monday and Thursday’s: Strength:

    • Max Strength: lower rep ranges but more load to build on that strength
    • Hypertrophy: a variety of tempo’s using moderate intensities to focus on muscle toning and building
    • Endurance: expect a decrease in load but higher reps to increase muscle capacity

Tuesday and Friday’s – Conditioning:

      • Aerobic fitness: expect long intervals and high volumes
      • Cross Training: using a mix of intensities and volumes to test your fitness
      • Lactic Based: minimal rest periods, expect lots of fatigue to build capacity and tolerance

Wednesday – Movement:

    • Dynamic Mobility: using a variety of complexes to get you feeling limber
    • Roll & Release: soft tissue work using foam rollers, balls and stretching techniques
    • Trunk & Stability: working on proprioception for the upper and lower body whilst testing the mid-section

Designed for clients who want to take advantage of expert programming and coaching whilst working in a group environment, or as part of a rehabilitation plan under the guidance of our physiotherapy team.

  • 45 min class designed to test you to your maximum capabilities.
  • Maximum 12 members per class to allow a strong focus on coaching, with corrective techniques and progressive loading.
  • Variety of memberships:
    • Unlimited access for £55 per month.
    • Pay as you go option at £10 per class
    • Block of 10 classes for £80


OFFER on unlimited sessions per month – £9.99 first month, £24.99 second month* Find out more and book here.