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Back & Knee Pain Rehab Classes

Jack Dent

Rehab Strength and Conditioning Coach

Back stretch

Are you struggling with back or knee pain?

Have you lived with back or knee pain for a while and you are feeling frustrated with different treatments and exercises you have tried not working? Has surgery been discussed and you are looking at all options to avoid it?

If so, our rehab classes can help you. They are delivered by our Rehab Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jack Dent and are specifically for mechanical back pain and non-operative knee pathologies.

How will they help you?

Like lots of pain issues or injuries, improving our strength and how well we move our bodies can help reduce our pain and improve our day to day function and ultimately quality of life. When things like our back or knee get sore, our bodies try to help us by sending a pain signal to our brain.

We then tend to alter how we behave or move and often avoid certain activities that our brain feels might be a problem for us. Unfortunately, when it comes to strength, if you don’t use it you lose it!

What this means for us, is that the activities that we enjoy might become harder as we may have lost some strength around our back or knee, which can then lead to increased pain as the muscles around the back or knee can’t meet the demand of what we would like them to do… and so the cycle starts again!

These classes are designed to get you out of this cycle, get you moving and get you strong so you can find your Momentum!

How do the classes work?

The classes are a based on a 6-week programme and include two 45 minute sessions per week. We offer various times across the week so you can fit the classes in at a time that suits you. The cost is £216 for the block which works out at £18 per session.

You will be coached through either our back or knee rehab programme in a small group of no more than 6 people per class, to ensure that you receive high quality coaching.

Find out more about your coach

Jack grew up as a keen rugby player where his interest in sport performance and rehab started whilst part of the Newcastle Falcons Academy. He has been involved in coaching since the age of 15 and started as a Community Rugby Coach with the Newcastle Falcons Foundation, but it was Strength and Conditioning and more specifically injury rehabilitation where he felt he could have the most impact across a wide range of sports and the general public and has now been working in the field for 10 years.

Jack spent the last 4 years in Dublin, Ireland, where he worked at the renowned Sports Surgery Clinic as a Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach, working alongside world leading sports medicine, surgery and rehabilitation clinicians who provide high level rehabilitation services for the general population all the way up to international athletes.

At Sports Surgery Clinic, Jack delivered a wide range of injury and pain rehabilitation programmes for an array of musculoskeletal issues, including common issues such as low back pain, sporting and general knee injuries/pain (e.g. osteoarthritis, meniscal, patellar tendinopathy, pre- and post-op surgery rehabilitation for ACL reconstruction) as well as sport related complaints such as hamstring strains, shoulder rehab for the contact sport athlete and hip and athletic groin pain.

Read more about Jack HERE


Frequently Asked Questions

Mechanical back pain is low back pain that does not involve any nerve related symptoms. If you have back pain but also suffer from any pain in to the buttocks and/or down the leg or have any symptoms such as pins and needles or numbness, you may be better suited for either 1-2-1 rehab or our semi-private rehab service. If you are unsure, please give us a call and we are happy to chat through any questions you might have!

A non-operative knee pathology is a knee pain issue or injury that does not require surgery. For example, knee arthritis would be suitable for the class whereas if you’ve had surgery for something like an ACL reconstruction or a knee replacement, you will be better suited for 1-2-1 rehab or our semi private rehab services. This is because quite often the rehab for these post-surgery knee issues need more specialist and individualised guidance – again just give us a call to discuss further if you have any questions!

Yes! As well as helping reduce your pain, the class is about learning how to get stronger and move better to give you some independence and be comfortable in the gym environment. The programme is designed to be progressive over the 6 weeks, but small adjustments can be made to make sure you get the best service for you.

No! Regardless of your level of fitness, we think we can challenge you to get stronger and improve your technique in the gym, which may be something that is stopping that niggle from going away for good!

You should come prepared to train in comfortable gym clothing. Bring a bottle of water and a bit of craic!

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