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World leading cycling analysis, delivered by world leading bike fitters.

A bike fit increases comfort, efficiency, sustainability and performance, and can prevent and resolve injury.

World class bike fitters

Led by John Dennis, one of the most experienced fitters worldwide. John has worked as Lead Physiotherapist with British Triathlon and the English Institute of Sport. His skills as a fitter were recognized by the ground-breaking technology company Retul in its early days and was integrated into developing the global education program. Providing assessment and bike fit input to numerous pro tour teams including Team Sky, Orica, MTN Qhebeka, Europcar, Radioshack and triathletes racing ITU and Ironman distance racing.

Achieve the perfect bike position

Do you have a performance goal? Whether you want to ride the fastest 10 mile time trial, compete in an Ironman Triathlon, or a local sportif, we can help you achieve the perfect position. If you have a bike and are suffering discomfort, we help to clearly identify the cause and provide solutions. If you are going to invest in a bike, the best option is to fit it to you, not attempt to fit yourself to the bike. A bike fit before you buy means fewer adjustments when you get it, and more efficient performance from the start.

Top cycling analysis technology

Using Retul technology to analyse on the bike movement. Retul does not give solutions but empowers the fitter to make informed decisions and quantify fit interventions. Gebiomized also forms part of the tools at our disposal to provide another layer of information with dynamic saddle pressure analysis.

Enhance your performance

Our system, knowledge and experience helps us measure every aspect of your movement on the bike and optimise it specifically for you. Your bike fit session is bespoke to your individual goals. Running alongside a fully equipped gym and multidisciplinary team, we can provide full physical movement assessments to enhance your physical fitness and performance.


  • Why do a bike fit?

    The human body, not surprisingly, is not symmetrical and this manifests itself when we ride. It may be a functional difference i.e. the body itself, often pelvic orientation, or it can be driven by a bad starting position on the bike e.g. saddle is excessively low or high or the saddle is uncomfortable causing the rider to sit off to one side.

  • Is a bike fit suitable for me?

    Yes! A fit can be an important step for both new cyclists and more experienced cyclists that have been riding for years. As a rule of thumb if you are at a level where you are clipping into pedals, motion capture fitting is appropriate. Increasing comfort, efficiency, sustainability, performance, injury prevention and resolution are key reasons to look at getting a fit.

  • What is included in the Standard Retul Motion Capture Bike Fit session?

    Every fit session is different and needs to be individualized to the rider’s goals. Regardless of the level of rider, we apply the same assessment protocol and process of assessment. Each fit will start with an interview to establish details like goals, specific races or discipline e.g. triathlon, time trials, distance/sportives, health and fitness. Discussing previous injuries both on and off the bike, and any specific comfort issues, will give us information about what we may see when we do the on-bike assessment.

    A detailed physical assessment is then performed prior to getting on the bike that gives us a baseline of mobility and stability in key cycling specific areas.

    On the bike, we utilise Retul 3D motion capture technology to help us to quantify how the rider moves and interacts with the bike. We always measure both left and right sides. The human body not surprisingly is not symmetrical and this manifests itself when we ride. Using your existing position is useful to establish a baseline and also work out why you might have had issues.

    Using the tech, insights and data available to us, adjustments can be made to the bike that may involve componentry changes e.g. saddle, bars, stem, TT extensions, wedges, arm cups etc. Each stage of the process is explained, reasoned through and reassessed for feedback and data analysis.

    At the end of the session, the finished position is scanned digitally to produce a comprehensive report that is emailed for your records.

    Watch our video with John to find out more. 

  • What is included in the Advanced Bike Fit session?

    Everything that is in the Retul Motion Capture bike fit session, as well as a closer look at interaction with the saddle using Gebiomised pressure mapping. This additional tech gives us a dynamic pressure map of the saddle as you ride enabling deeper analysis of symmetry, specific saddle comfort issues and how pressure changes between different saddle shapes, widths and angles/tilt.

    This can definitely be a gamechanger if you are suffering from pain related to the saddle or feel like you have to push or hold yourself somewhere on the saddle in order to be comfortable.

  • What is included in the Pre-Purchase Sizing & Prescription session?

    Looking for a new bike?

    If you are unsure of your position and how it might relate to a different or new bike then this is for you. Don’t make an expensive mistake by getting potentially bad advice from a shop (does happen occasionally!) or guessing through an online purchase.

    Using our Muve Fit Bike, we can look at specific geometries of a bike you are considering and establish what is size appropriate or if a different bike altogether is a better fit.

    This is applicable to both road and Tri/TT bikes where arm pad fit coordinates are key to your fit and with integrated front ends – need to be established as the bike is built. In some instances, this can be picked up visually however, our Retul technology provides a level of insight that can’t be seen with the human eye.

    Things change when we pedal under load and we all utilise different techniques when riding.

    Once you have your new bike, you will come back and have it dialled in.

  • Do you assess cleat position?

    Yes. We look at all contact points including the foot – pedal interface. We occasionally recommend the use of footbeds, or possibly wedges and shims where appropriate.

  • What if we don’t have the right equipment to finish the fit?

    We try to stock a key selection of saddles and bars/ front end components. If we need to source additional equipment we don’t have in stock a follow up appointment can be arranged without additional charges in most instances.

  • How long does a fit take?

    Usually a standard fit will last 2-2.5 hours. A little longer for an advanced using the additional Gebiomized pressure mapping or if the fit is complicated.

  • Do you have an area to change?

    Yes, we have changing rooms to change into cycling kit.

  • What should I bring?

    Unless you are booking a pre purchase fit on the Muve bike, bring your bike in a clean condition, cycling kit including shoes, preferably tight fitting eg bib / tri shorts as we need to put markers on your shoulder and hip. Sleeveless tops also work well.

  • I have previously had a fit from Physiohaus, can you advise on a new bike?

    Yes. If you are looking to replicate the same position i.e. replacing a road bike with another a road bike. We can reference your previously recorded fit from Physiohaus and make comparisons to different frames. What isn’t possible is to make direct comparisons between different bikes e.g. you have a road bike and want to buy a TT bike.

  • Do you do custom insoles?

    Yes. We have a variety of options that looks at foot stability and comfort that vary in price. This can start at a simple off the shelf solution, then a custom heat moulded option which we can do alongside a bike fit or as a standalone appointment, to a fully custom 3D printed Phits insole.

  • What is a shoe fit?

    A standalone appointment to carry out an in-depth assessment of your feet to enable us to find the most suitable Lake shoe for you.

    This session is approximately 30-mins. Alternatively you can receive this service as part of any of our bike fit service offerings.

Around the World in 80 Days was 18,000 miles in 78 days. Perhaps the greatest test of bike fit ever, making sure I could remain comfortable and efficient for 1100 hours in the saddle. John has the experience to adapt to the rider's physiology and the events they are taking on.

Mark Beaumont

Around the World Record Holder

The team have been instrumental in my success on the bike. The knowledge is second to none, with the added benefit of their experience of working with Elite athletes. Bike fit, physio and massage has allowed me to train hard with fewer injuries and more comfort on the bike than I ever thought possible.

Mark Robertson

Road Racing Cyclist

I simply would not have achieved the results in cycling and Triathlon I have and put some of my success as an uber biker in AG Triathlon, (qualifying for Kona in my 4th full distance race) down to the resilience on the bike derived from a stable and comfortable position I have developed with John’s help.

Keith Murray

My new position is much more comfortable and I'm still getting good power delivery. I was also pleased that there was a focus on helping me to get the best out of my existing bike and equipment.

Naomi Palmer

John did the bike fit on my previous time trial bike which resulted in a massive improvement in my comfort as well as the ability to sustain my power for the full bike leg and still be fresh for the run during Ironman races. I have recommended John to numerous athletes and will continue to do so.

Neil Cooper

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