Blog - Tuesday 10th March 2020

Footscan® & Phits 3D Printed Custom Cycling Insoles

We are the first cycling and triathlon specific centre for Footscan® technology and Phits™ 3D printed custom cycling insoles in the UK. Find out more about how we can take your bike fit to the next level.

Foot pressure mapping

Since 1998, Footscan® has provided professionals in the world of sports and biomechanics with state of the art pressure measuring equipment for highly accurate gait analysis resulting in a worldwide acceptance as one of the most accurate pressure measuring systems in its field.

At Momentum the Footscan® is used to measure your feet in a variety of cycling specific assessments aimed to determine your balance, foot stability and identify risk factors for problems with your feet and areas to improve your performance. We can use the information to help improve our understanding of your feet, how the foot may impact your performance and comfort on the bike and to guide our approach with your training and rehabilitation.

Screenshot from RS Scan

3D Printed Custom Cycling Insoles

The information provided by the foot pressure mapping assessments can be used to design a 3D printed custom insole to maximise performance and power transfer, improve foot comfort, reduce injury risk and help improve cycling biomechanics. The possibilities for customisation are vast including the location and volume of support, including forefoot support, the location and direction of stiffness and materials used in the top cover.

Insoles created from an RS Scan

The 3D printed plastic shell is the lightest available in its class but also extremely durable meaning that the insole will last far longer than an off the shelf insole. The insole can be sent back to be re-covered over the years as required and the design is saved allowing us to make exact copies if multiple pairs are required for different pairs of shoes. All insoles are also personalised with your name!