Injury & Rehab

Back Rehab


Recover from injury and get back out there with the help of our experienced injury and rehabilitation team.

Improving strength and how well we move our bodies can help reduce pain and improve day to day function and ultimately our quality of life. When things like our back or knee get sore, our bodies try to help us by sending a pain signal to the brain.
We then tend to alter how we behave or move and often avoid certain activities that our brain feels might be a problem for us. Unfortunately, when it comes to strength, if you don’t use it you lose it!

Services to help get you moving again could include an Injury & Rehab appointment, Back & Knee Rehab Class or some Pilates!

Get your Momentum back

Every injury is different. To help you reach your goals quickly and safely, we’ll assess you and provide a customised programme to restore your body’s movement and function. By the time you leave your initial assessment you will have a clear understanding of what you need to do, and how long it will take.

Return to fitness

Your injury rehabilitation programme is overseen and reassessed on a regular basis to make sure it is continuing to assist your recovery. As you continue your return to fitness, we’ll make changes to the programme to refocus and refine it to ensure you reach your goals.

Enhance your existing training

Pilates can enhance your existing strength and conditioning training by encouraging conscious, efficient movements that increase your core strength and flexibility.

Enjoy the benfits

Pilates comes with many other benefits too, such as improved balance, co-ordination, and circulation. You may also see an increase in energy levels, stamina, and better posture.

Find out more

  • How can Pilates help me?

    Develop core strength, correct muscle imbalances, and encourage an overall balanced development of your body. Click HERE to find out more.

  • How can the Back & Knee Rehab Class help me?

    Have you lived with back or knee pain for a while and you are feeling frustrated with different treatments and exercises you have tried not working? Has surgery been discussed, and you are looking at all options to avoid it?

    If so, our rehab classes can help you. Click HERE for more info.

Get in touch

Not sure what service would be best? We are always on hand to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them. Get in touch and we can help guide you.

Having injured my right knee a few years back I found that, due to over-compensating, I was suffering pain in my 'good' knee. Following an initial consultation with Jack I began the 6 week back and knee course. Well, 4 weeks in and I can honestly feel a massive difference not only in the degree of movement/lack of pain but in my confidence to participate in various classes including indoor cycling and power pump. Truly professional service and the degree of expertise is spot on. If you have a problem, go visit Jack!


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