Blog - Thursday 27th April 2023

Pre-Purchase Sizing & Prescription Bike Fit

Bike Fit

Looking for a new bike?

If you are unsure of your position and how it might relate to a different or new bike then our pre-purchase & sizing bike fit is for you. Don’t make an expensive mistake by getting potentially bad advice from a shop (does happen occasionally!) or guessing through an online purchase.

The Benefits of Pre-Purchase & Sizing Session

Using our Retul Muve Fit Bike, we can look at specific geometries of a bike you are considering and establish what is size appropriate or if a different bike altogether is a better fit.

This is applicable to both road and Triathlon/TT bikes where arm pad fit coordinates are key to your fit and with integrated front ends. In some instances, this can be picked up visually however, our Retul technology provides a level of insight that can’t be seen with the human eye. Things change when we pedal under load and we all utilise different techniques when riding.

What is included in the session?

  • Establish details like goals, specific races or discipline e.g. triathlon, time trials, distance/sportives, health and fitness.
  • Discuss any previous injuries both on and off the bike which will give us information about what we may see when we do the on-bike assessment.
  • A detailed physical assessment prior to getting on the bike that gives us a baseline of mobility and stability in key cycling specific areas.
  • On the Muve bike, we utilise Retul 3D motion capture technology to help us to quantify how you move and interact with the bike. We always measure both left and right sides. The human body, not surprisingly, is not symmetrical and this manifests itself when we ride.
  • Using the tech, insights and data available to us, adjustments can be made to the Muve bike that may involve componentry changes e.g. saddle, bars, TT extensions, wedges, arm cups etc. Each stage of the process is explained, reasoned through and reassessed for feedback and data analysis.
  • At the end of the session, the finished position is scanned digitally to produce a comprehensive report that is emailed for your records, which you can use to support your purchase.
  • Once you have your new bike, you will come back and have it dialled in.

How long does it take and cost?

The initial sizing session takes approximately 2.5 hours. Once you have your bike, the follow-up is up to 90 mins. Total cost for both sessions is £350

You can schedule your initial session via our online booking – Book Now

Bike Fit