Blog - Thursday 17th August 2023

The Process of Becoming a Better Runner

Teleri Hamilton

Director of Strength and Conditioning

Jack Shawcross

Running is a popular sport that many individuals engage in to improve their fitness and overall health. In this article, we explore the journey of Jack who joined Momentum with the goal of enhancing his running abilities and reducing the risk of injuries.

Introducing Jack! Ever since he started attending our Strength and Conditioning sessions, Jack has been unwavering in his commitment and has wholeheartedly embraced the training process. We understand that runners often find it challenging to stray from simply running, but Jack has fully trusted the process and remained dedicated to his sessions.

Jack has been making great progress in his running ability. Not only is he building his strength and power, we have seen a significant improvement in his stability and performance. He has developed a much better understanding of his body and how to get the most out of it when running. Whilst we have utilised the early training stages to build on maximum strength, subsequently increasing Jack’s 5k and 10k, the focus has always been on achieving a Marathon personal best.

The next phase of Jack’s preparation will involve Strength-Speed training, utilising a Push Band to monitor the velocity of his key lifts. This approach ensures that the correct strength parameters are used to enhance his marathon performance.

Overall, Jack’s journey showcases the importance of a comprehensive training approach for runners. By incorporating strength and stability exercises alongside regular running sessions, individuals can improve their overall running ability and reduce the risk of injuries.

Check back in September 2023 to see if Jack achieved his goal when he completes the Berlin Marathon!