Blog - Wednesday 3rd July 2024

Collaboration with Lake Cycling UK

John Dennis

Clinical Lead Physiotherapist & Bike Fit Specialist

Lake Cycling UK

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Lake Cycling UK!

Lake’s mission is to make the best fitting and most comfortable high performance cycling shoes in the world! Since 1982 Lake has been innovation leaders in the cycling shoe market.

Not many companies are focused primarily on the foot and neither are they making only footwear; however, Lake remains resolute in their focus, to make the most comfortable, best performing cycling shoe in the market.

This philosophy is why we have introduced Lake shoes into our bike fitting service offering.

Find your perfect shoe fit

One size of shoe does not fit all. That’s why we match the fit to the function.

During the shoe fit an in-depth measurement of your feet will be taken, which will then dictate what model of shoe would work best for you.

Choosing the right shoe for you will be dictated by your foot type and Lake offers a wide range of shoe to best fit your needs.

We can incorporate the shoe fit as part or our existing bike fit options or as a standalone shoe fit service.

how to book

Head to our book online page and either select the bike fit you require or the shoe fit session.

The shoe fit will take approximately 30-mins and costs £50.

The session will correctly assess and size your feet to find the best Lake cycling shoe for you.

If you require further information on the bike fit services we offer please visit our bike fit page.

Lake Cycling Shoe

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