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Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th June 2024

Module 1: Improving the weakest link in your runner’s technique using real-time feedback

In this course you will learn how to determine the weakest link in the runner’s movement based on objective running data. How does your runner’s muscles absorb the impact?
Can your runner stabilize his/her pelvis sufficiently? Does your runner maintain good symmetry between your left and right leg? Which cues work best to fix your runner’s weakest link? This course will cover these challenging topics and show you can improve your runner’s technique using hands-on real-time biofeedback training.

Learning objectives of the course:

• The six Ws of real-time feedback training: For who, what, when, where, why, and how?
• To use technology within gait analysis and your clinical reasoning
• To analyse objective running data: what can you measure and how do you interpret this data?
• To convert objective data into targeted feedback for your runner
• To use real-time feedback to improve your runner’s technique

Module 2: Transfer strength training to running technique: from finding to fixing the runner’s weakest link.

In this course you will learn how to obtain a more specific transfer from exercise therapy to running technique improvements. Exercise therapy will be central to this course, with the addition many new exercise forms and variations. How do you use date-driven functional assessments of the runner’s movement? How do you determine what to improve per individual? How do you know where to invest time and focus? How do you adjust the exercise schedule purposefully and objectively? How do you make sure there is sufficient challenge for your runner’s level? This course will cover these questions and will be suitable for the guidance of recreational through to elite runners.

Learning objectives of the course:

• Identify important key components in the running movement needed for resistant and efficient running
• To use objective, individualised running data as guide ropes for your exercise therapy
• To use goal setting and specificity of the exercise
• To improving shock absorption, propulsion, and stability of the runner
• New exercise forms and variations necessary for regression and progression

Course details

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Registration Price:

  • Module 1 – £150
  • Module 2 – £150
  • Modules 1 & 2 – £280, saving £20!


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