Blog - Wednesday 24th April 2024

“I’m not a fan of Gyms”

Jordan Watson

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Leg strength

Eileen will be the first to admit that she is not a fan of gyms, so what has made her attend ours every week for over a year? We’ll let her explain….

The Challenge

In 2022 having experienced serious physical health issues I was at a very low point. Previously, I had led a very busy active life and I suddenly felt myself broken and in need of repair. My neighbour and good friend Lesley suggested I make an appointment to chat with someone at Momentum. I was 64 and Lesley is 10 years my senior. For years she has been going twice a week to Momentum and is one of the healthiest and active people I know. I am not a fan of gyms but being desperate I made the appointment.

The plan

From the first-time walking through the door I felt welcomed and knew Momentum was different to the other impersonal Gyms I had experienced. I had a one-to-one assessment where I was listened to and my health issues and limitations were discussed together with my reasons for contacting Momentum and what I wanted going forward.

My Goal was simply to rediscover my active confident self and build up my strength and stability to start living again.

I signed up for a series of weekly hour-long personal training sessions. These built up slowly with the programme changing and developing in a four-week cycle. Having a coach monitoring and encouraging me is exactly what I needed.

On week one of each cycle, I find it challenging but by the last week I feel comfortable and look forward to the next set of challenges. Each cycle contains a warmup and then targeted exercises which develop at a pace that pushes me out my comfort zone but not cause me damage.

The Achievements

To date, I continue with my subscription to attend weekly as I know I need routine and regular commitment. Initially I found it difficult sometimes to make myself turn up but as soon as the session started, I felt good and always left feeling great.

Now I positively look forward to the sessions. Having a coach in a small quiet gym was exactly what I needed. It did not take before I really started to feel the benefit both physically and mentally. I had more energy, a clearer head and the motivation to lose the excess weight I had gained.
I feel that my initial goal has been met as I have rediscovered my confident active self. I fully intend to stay on this journey with Momentum and build on what I have started so that hopefully in ten years I will be as fit and active as Lesley is now!

I highly recommend Momentum to anyone regardless of age or ability who feel they need help and encouragement in a safe non-judgemental supportive environment to achieve strength and stability in body and mind to enable them to be get the most they can out of life.

A word from the coach

With Eileen’s history of illness and injury our main focus was for her to work on her single leg balance and strength, especially on her left side and to build up her upper body strength.

Over the past year I have been coaching Eileen and have seen a massive improvement in her stability on one leg. We have also been working on her upper body strength and always finish with a pulse raiser at the end which usually involves a push of the prowler! Eileen’s enthusiasm in the gym is infectious and for me to see her improve really makes my job worthwhile. Eileen rarely misses a week with us here at Momentum and her consistency has been the main driver of her progression.

I started working with Eileen at the start of 2023 and for someone who doesn’t like gyms she turns up every week with her positive attitude which makes my job a whole lot easier and enjoyable!”

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you to achieve your goals book in to see one of our Strength and Conditioning Coaches for an assessment.