Blog - Friday 30th June 2023

Kathryn’s Road to Success

Dani Davies

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Kathryn completing the Coast to Coast

The Challenge

Kathryn first came to see John for some physiotherapy when we were Physiohaus in Jesmond, back in 2018 following a road traffic accident abroad. Over the years, John has supported Kathryn’s recovery allowing her to get back to her active lifestyle, however Kathryn wished to achieve more.

When we formed Momentum in 2022, John introduced Kathryn to Dani, one of our Strength and Conditioning Coaches to discuss how a bespoke training plan could help her keep going from strength to strength.

Kathryn admitted she was not ‘a gym person’ and didn’t own a pair of trainers! However during the assessment, Kathryn mentioned she had a goal of completing the Coast to Coast walk in July 2022,  a 190 mile walk along the traditional Wainwright route. The leap of faith to try some strength training was taken!

The Plan

Following a functional movement assessment, Dani created a bespoke training plan with the aim of improving movement, stability and strength which Kathryn worked through each week during a semi-private coached session. As her lead coach, Dani reviewed the programme every 4-weeks, regularly monitoring Kathryn’s progress.

Feeling the benefits of regular gym training in her walking and every day life, Kathryn continued to train with us weekly. Over this last year. Kathryn’s back pain has gone and no longer needs regular physiotherapy with John.

The Achievements

Every session Kathryn pushes herself with what she can achieve, and it is great to reflect on how far she has come in just over a year. The new faith in her body has allowed Kathryn to continue to live a healthy lifestyle, snow walking in January with husband Michael and completing The Dales High Way with friends in May 2023! We are sure there are many more goals Kathryn would like to achieve and we are delighted to be supporting her along the way.

If you are looking to achieve a goal or generally would like to be more active and feel stronger, our strength and conditioning coaches are here to support you.

Kathryn and Michael snow walking