Blog - Tuesday 13th December 2016

Physiohaüs adds Gebiomized pressure mapping to it’s bike fitting tools!

We have partnered with German bike fitting company Gebiomized to add pressure mapping to our bike fitting services and bike fit education program. The deal means that Physiohaüs is now the UK centre for pressure mapping training and sales for bike fitters and cycling specific medical professionals, alongside adding the technology to our line up of tools in our studio to help our clients improve cycling comfort and performance.

The Gebiomized system enables us to accurately measure pressure and better visualise the rider’s contact with the saddle. After assessing your physical conditioning and biomechanics off the bike, pressure mapping provides objective feedback during cycling, enabling us to make precise adjustments and interventions to optimise your connection with the bike.

Saddle discomfort is one of the most common areas of cycling related pain an in more severe cases a poorly fitted saddle can cause numbness in the sensitive perineal region of the pelvis. This is often caused by areas of high pressure on soft tissue structures as a result of incorrect saddle selection or position. Pressure mapping helps us take the guesswork out of saddle choice, allowing us to accurately measure how pressure is distributed on the saddle and guide you to the saddle that suits you the best.

Choosing the right saddle and position can improve stability, economy and alignment and ultimately improve cycling performance. Pressure mapping provides objective feedback about where and how the rider sits, measuring how the pelvis moves during pedalling and allowing us to make interventions to improve symmetry and movement patterns.

Click here to see the saddle check video – gebioMized – saddle check video

The system is comprised of a thin and flexible matt upon which 64 sensors have been positioned. The matt is applied on the saddle and the cyclist may position themselves on it without changing riding style. Using a colour scale the pressure distribution in the different saddle areas is displayed graphically. The data is wirelessly transmitted to a laptop, which makes both indoor and outdoor measurements possible.

The system allows us to:

  • Measure the pressure distribution in different seating and handle bar positions
  • Compare different saddle designs and sizes
  • Display the results though a colour code or a 3-D pressure chart
  • Analyse pelvis movement, loading and asymmetries


A complete, colour report is produced including:

  • Mean pressure across the saddle
  • Front and rear saddle pressure (pubic bone v’s sit bone)
  • Max pressure values and their location on the saddle
  • Left and right side pressure comparison
  • Centre of movement and tracking of pelvic movement pattern

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