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Sport Specific Packages

Sport Specific Packages

What makes us different?

With multiple experts and partners in different areas of sport and performance, we are able to offer you the best support possible to help you achieve your goal!

Depending on your specific sport and your short/long-term goals, our services can complement each other with a joined up approach from the team to enable you to perform better.

For example, if you are a cyclist, our bespoke package could include:

or maybe,

If you are a runner, you may benefit from the experience and expertise of a Running Coach and a bespoke Strength & Conditioning Programme or a monthly massage to keep those muscles loosened off.

Some examples of what you could includes:

1-2-1 Cycling Training Plan

  • Personal goal planning
  • Plan crafted around your specific goals and circumstances
  • Built within Training Peaks
  • WK05 Analysis
  • Weekly feedback

S&C Coaching and/or programming

  • Initial Functional Movement Assessment
  • Individualised plan
  • Regular communication and reviews to track progress and adjust the plan

Sports Therapy

  • Sports massage
  • Aid recovery
  • Identify any issues and plan to overcome
  • Encourage relaxation
  • Improve blood flow (pre-event massage)

Bike Fit

Running Coaching

  • Initial Consultation
  • Bespoke training plan
  • Final Surge Coaching app
  • Monthly assessment
  • Motivation to keep you on track

The options are endless and will be discussed with you at your initial appointment. Give us a call or get in touch, tell us your needs and what you are looking to achieve or overcome, and our reception team would be happy to advise the best course of action to get you started.

Sport Specific Packages