Blog - Tuesday 10th December 2019

Winter is coming…..

A cyclist stretching

Find out how going into the winter with a plan and how some simple work now can help you to achieve more than ever next season!

As the nights draw in and the temperature falls many of us are reflecting on the past season and starting to think ahead to next year. It might also be a time where our training changes. For the cyclists amongst us, we might spend more time on the turbo, put the summer bike away in favour of the winter bike or get the lights and mudguards on. For some the volume of ‘on the road’ training drops a little allowing more time to explore other activities or an opportunity to try new things. For others the off season is a time where training becomes more focussed and intensity increases.

Before starting out on any new training, change in volume or activity it can be important to think a little about what it is you are working towards and put a plan in place to help you achieve your goals. As part of this process it can be useful to carry out some performance testing to figure out exactly where you are at and assess your current level in your chosen sport/activity. It can be equally important to understand more about your body, it’s strengths and weaknesses and any areas of opportunity to improve your physical conditioning. If you have noticed any aches and pains or have suffered an injury during the season this can also be a great time to investigate what it might be that is causing this and to find out more about the things that can help prevent these issues returning next year.

The information gathered through an assessment can be used to help make your training more specific to you, to optimise the time you spend training and to help you build towards your individual goal, whatever it might be.

We can help you understand more about yourself and, when repeated after a period of training, can help you to know how much, when and where you have improved and how to progress further.

Top tips to get the most out of your winter training

  • Get to know more about your body
  • Assess any aches and pains
  • Analyse your technique and/or Equipment set up
  • Set some targets
  • Regularly re-test

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