Blog - Monday 20th March 2023

Getting to know – Teleri Hamilton Strength and Conditioning Coach

Teleri Hamilton

Director of Strength and Conditioning

Teleri Hamilton

Getting to know Teleri Hamilton, our Strength and Conditioning Director when she’s not at work supporting our clients with their personal training plans.

  • What do you like to do when you are not being a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

I love to play sport – hockey (currently represent Morpeth Ladies 1st XI Hockey), cycling, skiing and golf when I can!
Spending time with my family and friends being sociable! Drinking and eating food!

  • What’s your favourite take away?

Roast dinner! Anything with meat is always a favourite.

  • Have you ever suffered a major injury from sport yourself?

No thankfully…and I’d rather keep it that way!!

  • Why did you become a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

I was never good enough to be a high level athlete myself…maybe I would have been had I been doing S&C since the age of 10!!!
Also I did a university placement at Newcastle Falcons and got to train with Johnny Wilkinson…that was enough to make me want to be a S&C coach!!

  • If you weren’t a strength and conditioning coach what else would you like to do?

Own a wedding dress shop…I loved the experience of finding my wedding dress, but some shops/companies did it so badly that It made me think I could do it so much better. Plus I’d spend all day trying on all the dresses!

  • Do you have a special interest at work?

Working with golfers and currently a Consultant Strength and Conditioning Coach for England Golf.

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