Blog - Wednesday 25th November 2020

Getting to know me – Kate Disley

Kate Disley

Sports Massage Therapist

Kate Disley playing rugby

What do you like to do away from work?

Get out on my bike (when I can escape the kids) and be outside walking, Northumberland and the lakes. Watch rugby and enjoy going to Novos RFC to watch games and ‘socialise’ (pre covid!)
I do enjoy getting out in the garden too, although I’m not very green fingered I just like to do the more physical jobs.
Basically being outside and muddy

What’s your favourite take away/food?

Crisps and cheese & biscuits. (with wine of course!)
We’ve had a bit of a run of toad in the hole dinners at home recently too which are a firm favourite with my 5 year old.
My entire family get excited by food…we don’t really get takeaways, we try and cook as a family, it’s something my parents did with me too.

Have you ever suffered a major injury from sport yourself?

Yes a few, broken collar bone when I was at school playing rugby. Numerous cuts, bruises, and dead legs. A few good black eyes and a couple of bouts of concussion (goes with the territory)
I also had a labral tear from rugby which I had operated on, it can still give me trouble now if I don’t do my exercises.

Why did you become a soft tissue therapist?

I enjoyed science and sport at school, and at University I did my dissertation on rugby injuries so it seemed a natural progression. I enjoy helping people with pain and empowering them about thier body. Its great to be able to get someone back to activity, whether that’s playing sport or just being able to get down on the floor to do gardening or play with kids.

If you weren’t a soft tissue therapist what else would you like to do?

Professional sports person of course!
Or a brain surgeon.

Do you have a specialist interest at work?

Movement and Pilates.
I work a lot with endurance athletes, mainly runners.