Blog - Thursday 24th March 2022

Leading Fitness Teams Merge to Launch Momentum

John Dennis

Clinical Lead Physiotherapist & Bike Fit Specialist

After 18 months of collaboration, knowledge sharing and development of enhanced services, Physiohaüs and Functional intelligent Training (F.I.T) have joined forces to create Momentum!

The merge, which included an investment over £100k to refurbish and extend  premises, has allowed us to combine skillsets. The skills offered under one roof now include world leading Bike Fit, Strength and Conditioning Training, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and coaching.

Based at the Regent Centre in Gosforth, the facility includes a 39-metre indoor sprint track and leading technology, used by Team GB, to enable fitness insights, provide treatment and help people achieve their goals. Whether that’s starting your fitness journey, reducing pain or competing professionally.

Our team have a broad range of experience, including work with Olympic and Commonwealth athletes, specialist military rehab and professional sports. We make our specialist skillsets accessible to anyone who needs them.

John Dennis, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist and Bike Fit specialist, said: “The creation of Momentum comes from the recognition that in order to deliver the best possible service, we need to be specialists.  Bringing multiple experts together, employed in the same facility, allows people to benefit from overlapping experiences and skills.

“As a team we focus on helping you to achieve your goals. If you have a goal in mind and need help getting there, we’re here to help. We’ve created a centre where everyone, regardless of experience, should feel welcome and can rest assured they’ll have their needs attended to on an individual basis.

“We have expertise on Bike Fit, Strength and Conditioning, coaching, athlete development, physiotherapy, sports massage, Phits™ orthotics, Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, group and individualised training sessions.”

Teleri Hamilton, Director of Strength and Conditioning, added: “Physiohaüs and F.I.T. joining forces to create Momentum means we continue to offer and further develop as a centre of excellence, for our existing and future clients. We have an incredible selection of services and knowledge behind us, to allow people to monitor and enhance their performance in a completely new way.

“We have a newly extended and refurbished state-of the art premises with the best-in-class facilities and equipment. We really can’t wait to grow together and welcome new faces to the team.”